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Everyone: Take your rebates

Everyone: Take your rebates and cash them/bury the money/leave it alone...and then next year when Congress sees this hand out didn't quite do it...they'll distribute another...and this time...they'll make it a larger amount. They can borrow the money again from China...don't ever pay them back as so many countries never did with money the USA forked out to them with no return(s). Never paying them back *too* can come from us in the products we purchase. Read the labels.... After several years of this procedure...we tax payers will see a tiny bit of return for our money we give in each year. This rebate will be just like Christmas in the respect of when it's a done deal...people will ask themselves "Where did my/our rebate money go?". The bills you pay...the gas you have to buy...will consume this in a heart beat...then Christmas has at that point...Gone :-( Maybe I'm wrong...but there is still something lurking in the back of my mind that Uncle Sam will find a formula to get this cash back out of our pockets if the results aren't as they hoped they would be. A change in tax requirements will go thru Congress quicker then a rooster in a hen house if they so choose...and we may see this next year disguised on the 2008 tax table lay out. Bury the $$$$$ :-)


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