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The Whiners Don't Deserve Limburger Cheese

In this case, those who felt slighted by not having at least a public ceremony have a point. First, most ordinary folk knew that they didn't stand a snowballs chance in Hades on boarding that sub. All they wanted was a good 'ol time down on the water front. These folks are patriots who love our armed services and are proud that another vessel has been named for our great state. They didn't have to be close in proximity to that boat. Crying about the cost? Heck, Wilmington could have charged five bucks a head and invited vendors. Everyone would have been happy. In some cases, those allowed a ticket had postured via a good 'ol boy network. This sucked! In other cases, some worthy Navy vets had gotten ADVANCED permission to attend (hats off to them). In the case of the ham radio guys who had postured themselves to stage a "dog and pony show" (as one fellow put it), it was just that. These two have served the Azalea Coast Amateur Radio Club well but for personal reasons (photo op for QST magazine), they kept very quiet about their ego induced opportunity. In conclusion, the public paid for this boat, they should have at least been able to celebrate. Why could we not have had at least some proud vets hailing its arrival and its departure. This was poor planning on the governments part, whether it was on the local level or federal level.


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