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Get it right.. It is HIPPA NOT HIPAA and neither is ur statement

It is not HIPAA... It is HIPPA.. That shows you do not know what you are talking about. Also learn about the fine numerics becuase you are wrong about that as well.. "I work at Dr. John Doe's OBGYN office and Sally Smith came in today for her annual." is NOT (while perhaps not politically correct) a HIPPA vilotion Now adding that she had a procedure done and if you gav out results othat test is a blatent violation. So besides getting HIPPA correct, and apparently needing some education about HIPPA, your stiking down someone who cares about her patient is cruel and heartless. I am glad they caught this beast and I hope they they throw him away and throw away the key. SO before you strike with cruelness and undecuated comments when you do not even know the correct abreviation of HIPPA... Shows you ignorance and lack o human compassion.


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