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Terrible Organization

I was appalled by the poor transportation planning by Mayor Saffo's croney. Moving several thousand people in groups of 50 by charter bus is a logistical nightmare when it's done well-- and Saturday's ceremony was NOT done well. I was one of the 500 or so ticketed people who stood at the mall for almost two hours only to be told to go stand somewhere else to get on a bus. There were no bathrooms available in the line, and there were many elderly folks waiting (many of them veterans) who required the use of canes and walkers. I witnessed many folks leaving simply because they needed to find a restroom or a place for an aged family member to sit down. What a disappointment it was to see excited, eager people be forced to make that choice. I am afraid that the city of Wilmington did not do a very good job of impressing out-of-town guests with our hospitality and grace. It is very unfortunate that the person in charge of planning this event did not have the foresight or intelligence to plan it well. For many, the majesty of the day will be marred by the memory of waiting in interminable lines and being shuffled around like cattle. It is terribly sad that a once-in-a-lifetime event will be remembered in this manner.


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