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Yeah....they all find God....

...right about the time they hear that cell door lock behind them. For some reason, however, two-thirds to three-quarters of them seem to lose him as soon as they hit the street again. Oh, but the fact that "I've found God" sounds SOOOO good to the parole board. There's a simpler, CHEAPER solution than building a new facility: Run multiple services. Start one service at 0700, another at 0800, a third at 0900. That way all the born again rapists, robbers, burglars, and killers can tend to their spiritual needs....and parole preparation. Don't get me wrong - I know that there truly ARE sincere conversions and people DO find the Lord in prison, changing their lives in the process. But there's an easy way to tell the sincere ones from the fakes and phonies. See if they come back once they're released.....


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