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I think what this pastor is

I think what this pastor is doing is great. And spiritual development is essential to everyday living. If alot more people were seeking God. Then this world would be a different place. Reading the responses below just confirms why people turn away from Church and God. Why people get out of jail and revert backwards. Because people never let them forget what it is that they did. Funny thing is the same ones that have so much to say...sin on a daily basis. Which means your telling a litte white lie, going to church on Sunday worshiping the Lord only to live like a heathen Mon-Sat. Puts you in the same catergory as the person you are condemning. Because in God's eye's it's all sin and just because you didn't commit a crime that got you put way does not make you any better than these people that did. People should stop being so hypocritical to others. People need to wake up...and stop being so closed minded about everything. Put yourself in their situation. It's easy to say what someone should have done. But when you don't know the circumstances you need to be mindful of what you speak. By no means am I condoning what they did. But we as people need to look at ourselves in the same critical manner that we judge others. Instead of speaking negative things into their lives...pray for them and speak blessings over their lives. Because if you sow good reap good seed. We need to uplift each other as people and stop tearing each other down. As soon as we do that this world will be on it's way to being a better place. Be blessed and make it a great day!


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