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Youn black and under attack

Look I grew up in the projects in Wilmington, and I am white. I over came being poor and growing up in the projects, I did not want to break laws or steal, or kill, none of the kids I grew up had that attitude, somebody owes me something, we came from hard working mothers who taught us to do better, treat others kind.I went to college I have a BS in Health Care, I over came because Of my mother, teachers, and church, We were poor, so poor we had to eat beans, potatoes, rice very often, My mother said learn all you can so you can do better than me, she would say turn off the music, read, read, read, and you will learn and grow, be somebody, what is a new car if there is nothing in the brain to go along with it, there is no excuse for hurting or killing, selling drugs, I am sure the black men of today are being told by their mothers to learn and do what you can to get out. Not steal and kill and go to jail.


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