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Let's review once again....

"If, however, you decide to drop out of high school, go to prison by the age of twenty, and dedicate your life to getting high, you have no one to blame but yourself when you discover that life pretty much stinks. That applies regardless of the color of your skin." BTW, in addition to more Blacks succeeding than ever before, we have more Latinos and women succeeding well. My ex is the CFO of a West Coast biomedical corporation. There are many more females in the top floor offices and board rooms. Just this week I wrote up a recommendation for award for one of our engineers, who happens to be Black. He didn't drop out of high school, he got his E.E. degree, and he's never been to jail. Best of all? He's a GREAT engineer, and has an incredible work ethic. He must be friggin' Superman, huh? No one else could possibly do that! Bottom line - every one of us is responsible for our own life, regardless of color. If **YOU** screw it up, don't come crying to me.


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