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Let us not play that.........

You want to blame everything on the color of skin. We all have choices we decide if we want to earn a living or take it. We have gangs, drugs and theft taking our youth. Rather sit back and let our children go, get out there with them and rid the bad boys from the neighborhoods. Tell them how hard it is in the real world.Discourage the criminal behavior. To be honest, prejudice starts at home. Our children are born color blind they do not know how to hate based on the color of our skin. It's just like reading, you learn as you grow. Just like hating, we learn as we grow. Unfortunately our parents have taught us how to hate. Let's quit talking about the color of skin and start talking about the real issues. Go to a setting in your local courthouse and watch what happens there everyday, that should be discouraging to those looking for a quick buck selling drugs and robbing people. Get in the schools and see how NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND IS FAILING our children. That is more of the real life issues. STOP the OH WHOA IS ME attitude.


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