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Taxes the Democrat way

This is just another in the Democrat play book on how to dupe the people of NC. Any vice tax should go to the health care coverage for those derived illnesses. Classic way to generate income for the state that nobody can argue against, smoking is bad, why not tax it? The question should be, "Just where is the Lottery money going? Why are they not spending that money the right way?" I don't smoke, so I won't pay that tax. My kids won't either, they are home schooled. What incentive does the teachers in our schools have to teach students to be outstanding and better members of the next generation when the money that fuels their pay is derived from those that are taught at the lowest standards? This is a joke! Well taught and bright students do not smoke because they have been educated about the risks that are involved. The average teacher would be shooting themselves in the foot if they DIDN'T put out substandard students. Kind of like the Democrats and the Teacher's Union. Smart, successful students are less likely to be a blue collar Democrat and there for there is the biggest reason that our schools are in the shape that they are in.


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