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Name With A Face...

I know what everyone is thinking about these three...even if you don't want to admit it, you know what you are thinking. I have done it myself before...way too much...but this incident has really made me check myself when it comes to stereotyping criminals. What this story should have read is "What path have our youth chosen to take..." or maybe "three additional lives lost to the greed of addicts". But one of those individuals I happen to know personally, unfortunately I still viewed him as the same old "kid" my kid has grown up with. Just for the record, Marcos Aguilar is a senior at HTHS in Pender County...scheduled to graduate in a matter of days. He has no infractions on his record, and is a student athlete. He is looked up to and respected by both his peers and the administration at his school. Although it is obvious he got caught up in the wrong crowd, he is the one that will have to live with his mistakes for the rest of his life. I just wanted anyone who read this story to realize that this kid is not just another Mexican here illlegally...and to try and have a name with a face. Please don't misconstrue my intent, he is wrong, wrong, wrong for what he has done...but inside he is a very genuine and sweet person.


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