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Dont Punish the Breed

You cant punish and entire breed for what a select few dogs do. Its all in the owner and how they train their dog. Its like with every dog breed, you could make a Yorkie mean as shit if you wanted to. I dont understand why Pits get the bad wrap. When I got my two Pit Bulls as puppies I knew I was taking on big responsablity, I made sure my dogs got the correct attention and training and obediance that they needed. They are two of the best dogs I've ever had, but just the fact that they are Pits people are scared of them at first. Once they meet my dogs they see that they will lick you to death before ever and I mean ever being aggressive. Only once have I seen or heard about my dogs being aggressive and they had every right to, someone was coming at me in an aggressive manner. I would quite frankly turn my back on a Pit, Doberman, Rot, Chow, German Shepard before I would a mutt that hasnt been trained properly. Any dog can be trained to kill.


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