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Pit Bulls are Wonderful

I have to respectfully disagree with your statement. Pit Bulls are wonderful additons to a family. They are loving and protective animals. A majority of my family members have owned pits for many years. I had reservations about my children being around the dogs when they were young but I soon came to see that they would protect of my children completely. They played with the children and never became agressive in anyway. This is because my family members took the time to train them from the time they got them. They were quick to correct any behavior that was unacceptable. This is the same thing that would be done with any dog. However, the media is quick to paint a picture to the public that these animals are nothing more than dangerous. The reports that we have all heard in the news are heart breaking. Any animal that is not trained properly will react in the same way. Like any breed of dog, Pit bulls have to be properly trained and not everyone is up for the task. Their aggressive behavior has to be controlled. Ever watched the Dog Whisperer? If so, you have seen Daddy on there. Daddy is a pit and as extremely well behaved. Granted Cesar is highly trained in working with dogs. However, anyone that is truly committed to having a pit bull will put the work into training them. No animal should be "exterminated" has you say solely due to how they have been handled. I am sure you are one of those people that would never own a pit bull but think for a minute about how you would feel if your breed of dog was singled out in this way.


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