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Any dog could be viscious and if you do your research a Pitt Bull's temperment it is better than a Golden Retreiver or Beagle and a number of other sociably considered dogs. Every breed has a bad dog in it and owners should take responsibility for their dogs no matter what the breed. Also not all bulldogs are pitt bulls. Every time somebody gets attacked by a dog, the immediate reaction is that a pitt bull was the culprit. A true pitt bull is very obedient and loving. Bad dogs are made by irresponsible owners. I have four pitt bulls and they are all secured and kept away from people. Although my dogs are very sociable there are bad people who egg on a dog's aggresive side and take advantage of their animal instincts. Dogs no matter what breed are still animals and don't have judgement abilites, therefore it is the owner's responisbility to protect their dog and others. Dog court is a very good idea though, it allows for both sides of a story to be heard and a just decision to be made.


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