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he said you're livestock...

and you obviously have no problem with living in a police state because of some ill conceived notion of "common good", the fact is that the US constitution is supposed to guarantee the right to travel freely without being stopped/detained by law enforcement unless there is probable cause for suspicion of criminal activity. as motor vehicle offenses are civil offenses (not criminal) your rights are violated any time you are pulled over for any violation of the motor vehicle code. DMV's are nothing more than institutionalized criminal rackets used to generate revenue for the state under the guise of public safety, as such the law is designed to make everyone a criminal on some level, and the police mandate isn't to protect and serve it's to enforce the law (and generate revenue for the state). ironicly, these people who make a living violating your constitutional rights swear an oath to protect and uphold them (call it their hypocritic oath)...


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