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We do indeed have the Right to Travel

The right to travel has been found by the higher courts, both for the US and for many of the states to be a natural and inalienable right. The fact that all of the states act to suppress this right without any legitimate authority doesn't change the fact that the right remains. Unfortunately, to exercise that right one must risk life, liberty and property as agents of the states act, without due process and under color of law to compel us to comply. As our "public servants" do this they violate their own oath of office to uphold the constitutions in favor of statutes that are not constitutionally compliant as it relates to the average man or woman. The "traffic" statutes are being enforced for profit and control by the state acting as a criminal enterprise. It is time that our "public servants" be responsive to us rather than we to them. Anything that one person does not have the right to do to another can not be delegated to the state. If you want to keep the collar around your neck, then so be it as it is your choice. But don't belittle those who refuse to give up that liberty. Too much liberty has already been given up and it is time for us to push back.


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