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"Deputies had done their

"Deputies had done their duty" This comment is a horrible one to make. Their duties, they responded to a domestic violence call. Have you ever responded to one or read the statics? So the deputy should have knocked on the door & said please put the dog up? Then giving the gentlemen(lets say for example) time to grab a knife, gun, hit his wife one more time, or try to make a run for it. It is a shame that you give an animal more value than a human. Yes I know that animals become part of your family, but this deputy had to make a choice. He had to decide to shoot the dog that attacked him & hindered his safety not only from the dog but the assailant too. The officer had to make a split second decision & he did what he felt necessary to protect himself & others. It is a shame an animal had to die but I am glad the deputy is still here.


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