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Pit Bulls are unpredictable and dangerous

re: "Dogs are only how you raise them and treat them." Don't forget that dogs have inbred temperaments and Pit Bulls are bred to be extremely tenacious. Lots of other breeds bite but they simply inflict the injury then stop on their own when they see a display of pain or submission, or they stop when yelled at or most certainly when hit. A Pit Bull, on the other hand, will keep biting and shaking and tearing and ripping until its victim stops moving. Period. They have been bred to not let go no matter what. This is what they do just as Labs swim and Beagles follow their nose. The statistics on how many maulings and deaths were commited by Pit Bulls who had NEVER shown any aggressive tendencies before is all the more reason to not trust the breed EVER. Think of it this way: Leopards purr and you can even teach one to use a litter box... but a leopard will never, ever be a house cat. It will be the most gentle, cuddly, loving pet... until one day it isn't. Pit Bulls are like that.


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