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ahh you have to love smart people!

First things first, for years they (DOT, city, etc) have been trying to "repair" the bridge.... obviously it's not working..... secondly, yes I agree it's great to take the Holmes bridge.... IF.... IF... you can get to it....however, when the bridge is down to one lane, it creates a bottleneck, which eventually creates people not paying attention, which creates wrecks, caused by more people looking at the wrecks rather than paying attention, which creates more wrecks, which creates more bottlenecking.... its an endless process, Of course the CFR bridge has been up since before I was born, but I was told it was taken from a junkyard? Don't know how true that is, but would explain the endless repairs, that has to be made to it..... Why not get a bigger bridge? Yes it may cost more money initially, but if you look at the costs overall in a 10 year span, I'm sure in the end it will come out cheaper... and another thing... for those that think the bridge adds "character", and for those that think that it adds to the city's skyline..... then obviously they have never been heading to wilmington through the week at 7:30-9:30... they obviously haven't been stuck, w/ the bridge up in 100 degree heat for hours on end..... WAKE UP DOT and WAKE UP WILMINGTON....this is something that is going to be an ongoing issue until its FIXED! Instead of wasting money use it responsibly!


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