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Delivery people

I know people who do deliveries are having a rough time because of the high gas prices. I know I am. I am a rural carrier for the Postal Service, I have to furnish my own vehicle for my deliveries. We are not as lucky as the city carriers of which are furnished a vehicle and gas in which they make their deliveries from. I use my own vehicle to make 700 deliveries per day. My route is 36 miles long. So in the 36 miles I stop and start 700 times each day. It takes me around 4 hours to drive that 36 miles. I also have to stop and start the normal amount of times as any other driver and travel to and from the office at regular highway speeds. While on my route I get between 5 and 7 miles per gallon with a 6 cylinder engine. My vehicle holds 16 gallons of gas and I have to fill up every other day. So right now I am spending around 150.00 per week on gas to deliver the mail and drive 7 miles one way to and from work. The Postal Service pays me 162.00 per week for me furnishing my vehicle. I have 12.00 per week left over after buying gas to pay for upkeep, tires and brakes. I usually have to replace my tires once a year (14,300 miles)and replace my brake pads every 4 months or so. 2 years ago we used about half our allowance for gas and had the other half to keep tires and brakes and do regular upkeep with, but now it is taking almost everything they pay us for using our own vehicle just to buy gas with. Think of this the next time you see a regular car with a yellow flashing light on top as they pull up to your mail box. Most all of us are having to dig deep into our own pockets in order to deliver your mail. You city carriers really have it made. No, you don't get the 162.00 per week for EMA, but you aren't having to wear your own vehicle out for 2.00 a day compensation either. The Postal Service knows where "they" are getting the biggest bang for their buck.


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