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Oh dear Billy

Oh Mr. Saffo... The poor minimum wage workers are already taken care of in this county. Welfare takes care of them just fine. It is the areas service workers making $18k - $40k that CANNOT afford to live here.. What you are doing is a waste of time.. a public publicity stunt when anyone (including myself) who makes or has made minimum wage knows darn well you cannot get a decent apartment in Wilmington and still afford other expenses. It has always been impossible.. Take "The Keys" apartments for example.. You would think apartment prices would go down... ten years ago when I rented a unit out there I paid $500.. The same unit now has almost doubled to $900.. As wages increase so does the cost of living.. Your firefighters, police officers, managers, service industry workers (plumbing, electric, HVAC) cannot afford to live in this wasteland that I grew up in as a little boy. Real Estate agents have flipped and flipped and flipped houses until the average cost of a house in my neighborhood (i used to live in when I could afford it) is $125,000.oo MORE than it was just 6 years ago.. So do'nt go blowing smoke up our butts about ending homelessness whan this community cannot afford to house those that provide it basic and required services... The "general" population has oficially been proced out of this market and with over 2000 licensed residential rel estate agents in New Hanover County alone... it's only going to get worse and the price of living os only going to get higher.. Thanks Wilmington for biting the hand that feeds... Now focus on the real problem.


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