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Homes for homeless.

I can see this plan hitting YOU TUBE (AND IT WILL HIT YOU TUBE) and becoming the west palm beach of the "urban outdoorsmen". Congratulation on spending money you don't have, on people who don't have any either and the constant public housing parasites. When Myrtle Beach decides to continue to buy homeless outdoorsmen bus tickets to Wilmington, it will become a 50 year plan for 5,000,000. Great plan. Residents of the City/County better start doing sit ups, cause the local governments will break your backs. As usual, fiscal responsibility is unavailable in the city and county. Maybe they can use the overpayment of the 7-10 million dollars in property taxes recently. I'm sorry, that was an UNDERPAYMENT. I forgot who got fired for that. No i didn't, no one got fired, they got a retirement party. Maybe they can use the empty convention center for a communal setting. Wait a minuite, why not use the PPD parking deck for a multi million sky rise. Oh i forgot, they gave that away too. I've seen better heads on lettuce.


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