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Get a grip!

How could Reagan close STATE mental hospitals? He wasn't King Reagan, was he? The movement to de-institutionalize the functional mentally ill was a movement within the mental health field itself. It started in the late Sixties among mental health "professionals" who complained of people who posed no danger to themselves or others being kept in hospital. For twenty plus years, they let out every variety of deranged whacko known to modern medical science. I personally stood in court when a woman that had tried suicide EIGHT times was ordered released as long as she "promised" to stay on her medication. I also attended her funeral, less than two years later. When the folly of that little experiment became obvious, revisionists tried to pin it on Reagan and federal budget cuts. Considering that hospitals are run by states orn counties, the charge is nonsensical. The flood gates were open long before Reagan even left California. BTW, mental illness is the SECOND leading cause of chronic homelessness. Substance abuse is the leading cause. Seventy percent of the chronic homeless are drunks/druggies, mentally ill, or both. In closing, let me turn an old phrase: "Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're an anti-social, unmedicated schizophrenic." Tougher still when you're a DRUNK anti-social, unmedicated schizophrenic.


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