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Not experts, just "non-saps"

You and I both know that YOUR definition of "homeless" is ludicrous, designed more as an employment program for underachieving sociology or psychology majors who try to convince us that we're up to our eyeballs in homeless people, and that anyone can be homeless tomorrow. After all, why work at McD's when you can get a job paying TWICE minimum wage at some counselling center or shelter, right? Best of all, you're getting paid by the government or a charitable institution, so you don't have to produce any results! A family moving to Wilmington who has to live out of their car for a month ISN'T homeless. They're going through a rough time, and they will get through it. There are millions of poor people who aren't homeless and will never BE homeless. Poverty has very little to do with homelessness. It can be a contributing cause, but not the root cause. You and I BOTH know that when we're addressing the TRUE homeless, we're talking about the chronic homeless.....and you know that in their case, the seventy-percent figure for substance abuse and mental illness is spot-on accurate. It's also ludicrous to say that no one chooses to live that way. I am related to a man who lives in a very nice home with his sister, but every now and then simply takes off to hang out under the bridge and drink cheap wine with his buddies. In about a week or so, maybe two, he'll call and ask her to come get him. After showering to wash the vomit and urine smell away, he'll do fine for a short while...until that open road starts calling again. No bills, no responsibilities, answering to no one....some of them love it. As for me getting involved with the homeless, no thanks. I spent far too much of my life in the company of drunks and loonies. I managed my life quite well, and I'm not Superman. If I can do it, anyone can.


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