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Experts all around

Research conducted by the Interagency Council on Homelessnes. Research gathered by the Church of the painful truth provides the following statistics. You expect us to believe questions answered by the urban outdoorsman. Of course they don't drink.......gulp..gulp. No one chooses the homeless life..outright falsehood. 32% have college degrees...then they're stupid, and you can't fix stupid. 40% are employed. How did you interview them on the job. (panhandling and standing at the intersection with a sign are not professions). 16% are children. That's what foster homes are for. If the parents can't afford a home, meals, clean running water, the children are being ABUSED. "At least try to be educated". Thankfully I'm educated enough not to buy into another give away feel good program based on ridiculous data gathered beneath an overpass. We have domestic violence organizations that provide temp assistance to women that are victims of domestic violence. All of these statistics can be supported by research conducted by the Interagency Council on Homelessnes. There's nothing like providing your own data. It's called "being responsible for your life choices".


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