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how much more do our public officials want to take

Everyone (or at least the majority of us)is faced with difficult financial times because of our economy, outrageous gas prices, unemployment, cost of general.. Our elected officials.. in a imaginary world ..... are suppose to be looking out for our best interest. Why is it that it appears our best interest is no where in the scheme of things? How are people suppose to live.... people are trying as hard as they can to survive during these inflationary times without losing their homes they have struggle to keep. In addition to worrying about nature causing major damage because of hurricanes, tornados, flooding, we must be faced with higher taxes -- some citizens are just barely able to pay the current taxes. Elected officials/employees appointed/hired to perform certain duties should be mindful of consequences when they mess up. And when they mess up, it should fall on their shoulders, not the citizens. Our officials should seek another direction for cleaning up a mess that is no fault of ours.


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