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C'mon now

"If I save, I won't be able to get my weave done, or my nails, or buy my $200.00 pumps, or get gas in my Escalade, and you know I gotta take a day off to go see my daycare worker" or you can insert food stamp lady or housing guy. I worked in an environment that this was a normal conversation. I was eating rice and beans while those on social services were eating steak and lobster, literally. I use to get so angery because I was a single mother working so hard not to be like them. I could hold two jobs when I needed to. These old folks can't. I don't mind sharing with them, just not with people working the system. Hey here's a tip from the girls at work: Even if you are married, and your huband does live with you, heck even if he has a job....tell them folks that he skipped town and you don't know where he is and they won't include his income and you'll get more food stamps. It's not like they are going to check.


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