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foodstamps and retirement help

Boy, some of y'all are so cold hearted. Yes, you can save for retirement if you make enough, but what about emergencies you didn't count on? I've saved and saved and saved and worked and worked and worked. However, if you have a major illness in your family it will all go down the drain. My late husband developed a bad heart when he was in his early forties (no family history of this, not overweight, etc.). By the time he was 42, he was on a heart transplant list. He had six heart bypasses, two pacemaker/defibulators implanted, over 100 hospital stays, who knows how many doctor, specialist visits, and the combination of our health insurance premiums and co-pays for medical and prescriptions exceeded $1,000 per month. Have y'all saved enough to cover that? Please don't judge people until you've been there. Personally I don't think anyone should have to do without food or proper medical treatment in the USA.


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