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"The very name is about sex..."

To the comment by Guest6543: ">>>GAY<<< That's another term for homosexual." You are absolutely correct. But by the same token I submit: >>>>STRAIGHT<<<< That's just another term for heterosexual. Does this mean that straight kids and any organization that supports them automatically includes and incites sexual relations? Somehow I don't think so. There is also a comment on here by the blogger called "CommonSenseNotSoCommon" (perhaps truer words were never spoken), who seems to be under a similar deluded opinion that any group meeting of gay people can only be an orgy. To "CommonSense..." whose every blog on this site shows his/her personal lack of the very thing that moniker clambers for, I say you obviously have never met a gay person in your entire, pathetically closed life. Gay people are no more or less sex-crazed than anyone else. This club, or one like it, is not about sex for gay kids. It's about forming a support group and, possibly, developing a source of protection; protection from rampant bigotry and ignorance (not unlike the type on display throughout this chain of blogs and responses)and the mindless acts of violence that such bigotry and ignorance far too often inspires. You know, the same kind of uninformed, uneducated prejudice that has characterized and tainted the South from it's very beginnings.


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