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Irmo school disgrace

I have posted elsewhere comments regarding this issue. You'll find those posts in context in the comment board of this article: But I'll repost them here, though they may appear out of context: Post 1: Yes, one less bigot mentally molesting our children and placing them in harms way. He finally showed that his actions in the past may very well have been discriminatory towards various students based on his bigoted religious beliefs. I find it hilarious when hate groups founded by religion scream that they aren't allowed to believe as they want when in the full face of the Truth, it is that they want to dictate what others believe. No one at any point said the principal or any other Parent or even student HAD to be a member of the club or had to change their own personal beliefs. But, by forcing THEIR religious bigotries, through denying those students THEIR Rights, they have actually shown their true nature. They have shown they believe that THEIR way is the ONLY way and that homosexual students MUST be forced to follow their way, even if those beliefs don't match what the student's Parents believe. In so doing, the principal has ADMITTED that he feels his beliefs are morally superior to everyone else's and that all the students there must adhere to HIS bigoted beliefs alone, even those students whose Parents DON'T want their children to follow such hate filled beliefs. You are entitled to believe what you want to believe. But when you try to FORCE your beliefs, through bigotry and discrimination, then you've crossed a line of ethics. Want to segregate yourself? Go ahead. Create a private school based on bigotry and hate if you want. Make sure you let the Parents of prospective students know that they must follow YOUR bigoted beliefs to attend your school. From the sounds of it, several other bigots, such as Parents, will follow you. Maybe you can even get a little financial help from Fred Phelps. Again, it's not because of your beliefs, it's because you want a theological dictatorship that is based on bigotry and hate that would set out to harm students who didn't fit in your world of the morally superior that I have a problem with. If you can't work with the complex general public, then don't work in it. Looking at the statistics about how homosexual students have been verbally, mentally, physically, even sexually abused by other bigots, and the principal's own admission of bigotry, I wonder how many abuse victims are at that school who have been overlooked and ignored BECAUSE of his bigotry? Andrew ---------------------------------------- Post 2: It is unfortunate that we NEED support groups at all. I think one thing that is a misconception is the use of the term "club". In fact, it is misused more than anything by bigots who advocate, because of their religious beliefs, abuse against aothers. Make no mistake, that is at the core of the argument. "Morally superior" individuals who believe that it is acceptable to verbally, mentally, physically, even sexually abuse others because of one difference or another that they believe to be "immoral" or "inferior". This "club", in fact, is more in line with the "support group" heading than the "comonly shared hobby/interest". Someone actually was "concerned" about clubs popping up regarding "unwed mothers" or "drug use". Ya know what? This club IS closer th those type of "clubs" because of its "support group" nature. Teenage Parents (not just mothers, victims of drug abuse (whether the students themselves or Parents or friends, etc), even support groups dealing with abuse in general (one doesn't even have to have been a victim but rather could be students interested in ending abuse of all types) are certainly valid "clubs". But hate mongers and bigots, operating using lies and deceit as well as misinformation, don't want such clubs because... guess what? THEY are abusers themseleves. THEY are the antisocial, the sociopaths. THEY are the ones who WANT victims to abuse. Because without victims, they are just another imperfect Human with their own personal, religious, and/or political beliefs. Not someone who is better than everyone who doesn't believe what they believe. Tolerance is, in fact, irrelevant. You don't HAVE to like someone who is "different" than you. You don't HAVE to accept them. You don't HAVE to become like them. But then, that's true for them about you. Andrew ------------------------------------- And Post 3: Mr. Walker is free to believe whatever he wants. Just as much as I am free to believe what I want and raise my child in the manner I want. BUT, Mr. Walker went the step further and stated his personal, religious, and or political beliefs and implied that he would use them in the performance of his duties. By doing so, he knowingly and intentionally stated he would hold a biased view towards a group of students based on their sexuality. In so doing, he implied that he would hold that group in less regard than other students. Moreover, he may have endangered that group of students by leaving them with the impression that they cannot trust his judgement should they be victims of abuse by other students. He did, in fact, imply that he would "blame the victim" of such abuse. YOU may not preceive it that way, but look at it from the perspective of an abuse victim. Would you REALLY trust this individual as being an appropriate authority figure to go to at this point if you were the victim of abuse based on your sexuality (specifically being homosexual)? All those claiming to have been to a school where he was in charge, good for you that YOU received decent treatment. Were YOU one of those victims of abuse based on your sexuality that would have to go to him, an authority figure? Most likely not. If you were one of the "morally acceptable" groups, then you had nothing to worry about, did you? And, again, we have to deal with the issue of "club". It isn't a "sex club". It's more in line with "support group". And frankly, the attitudes by commenters, as well as by the principal himself, show the NEED for a "support group" for students who have been abused verbally, mentally, physically, perhaps even sexually for their homosexuality. Indeed, the intended misinformation as well as abusive comments about homosexuals shows that abuse is live and well in just the Irmo school district, if not the entire world. Moreover, the commenters appear to actually want the "club" to not exist so they CAN abuse those students who don't fit in their version of "morality". it makes such individuals claiming to be Christians seem far more sick, perverted, and obscene than anything THEY could ever claim to be opposed to. Andrew


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