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Shell gamery

Yes, don't we all just love the shell game? Misdirection, lies, and deceit. Your analogy is flawed in one very notable area: If one or both of their heterosexual Parents wree infertile, they may still not exist. Love is not equal the capability to reproduce. Such a claim that it does implies that infertile couples are not capable of loving one another. Indeed, it even implies that individuals whose children are not their biological children are also incapable of loving their children. Your religion is irrelevant. What your specific beliefs are are not the specific beliefs of other individuals who may even share a somewhat similar religion. And just because you believe what you believe does not make you or your beliefs "morally superior" to everyone elses. The same is true of Mr. Walker. If my previous post, a rather long one, appears, I go into more depth about individual belief as well as the TRUE purpose of the "club". Lies and deceit, of course, seem to be a part of the religious foundation of the opposition to the "club", making me wonder just what type of "God" actually advocates abuse, bigotry, lies, and deceit, among other disgust, reprehensible traits being shown. Certainly not the kind I would want fostered upon my own child, though it is, sadly, the Rights of other Parents to expose their children to that type of religious teachings. Andrew


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