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There SHOULDN'T be heterosexual clubs

Nor should there be a gay club. This is a high school we're talking about. The school shouldn't recognize ANY club that has sex as its basis. You guys may think that I'm some sort of horribly mean homophobe who hates gays, but that's not the case. As a libertarian, I'm all in favor of the governmnet getting OUT of the marriage licensing game and simply registering ALL couples, heterosexual or homosexual as domestic partners. "Marriage" is first and foremost a religious institution, and it shouldn't be up to the government who you "marry." (The minister, priest, or rabbi should be the one throwing you out of his office if he has a mind to, not the clerk of the court. The government should be gender neutral when it comes to all matters pertaining to civil rights, probate, etc.) I have no problem with gay people. I have a problem with your attempt to elevate what is essentially nothing more than a sexual abnormality into some glorious lifestyle or political movement. It really IS all about sex, because THAT is what sets you apart from the majority. If it wasn't for being gay, you wouldn't need special clubs and support groups, would you? So enjoy yourself - no one cares except the Christain Taliban, and they don't matter very much, do they? (You guys just enjoy driving them nuts, don't you?) I'm simply stating that some things are inappropriate for a high school environment, and a "gay club" is one of them.


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