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YOUR belief

I didn't add words to what you said. I merely made a logical connection to your argument. You said: "If your parents had been gay - where would you be right now. You'd be non-existent...." Logically, the same would have been true if his Parents were infertile. Don't dodge the issue by prattling YOUR specific religious beliefs. Your beliefs are yours and yours alone. They may be similar in part or even in whole to others, but they are not the only beliefs to exist. You are entitled to believe in those beliefs, just as Mr. Walker is entitled to his own beliefs, just as I am in my own believes, just as any other individual is in their beliefs. I believe that "God" is actually made in the image of the believer (as shown by how each individual's own "God" amazingly believes what the individual believes, despite that each "God" does not always have the same beliefs between them). I believe that lies, deceit, misinformation, abuse, bigotry and the attempt to force one's beliefs through even a partial dictatorship is not the act of a True God but the act of a Demon-Pretender-To-The-Throne-Of-Heaven. And I believe that I would never want that exposed to my own child. But do -I- have the Right to say the same for other people's children? Do -I- have the Right to say that such things are harmful to other people's children and we must "protect the children" by creating legislation of various forms? Do I even declare my beliefs to be superior or inferior to yours or anyone else's to the degree that I attempt to deny you the Right to believe or teach your children to believe what you want? No. But then, neither do you have the Right to do the similar to others. You say that it takes one male and one female to create a child. That is because of our design, however it came about. Our design could have been any number of ways for our species to continue. However, another fact about our species is that Love is not a requirement to procreate any more than having a child is a requirement to Love. What you BELIEVE is irrelevant. Many have made the use of "sexuality" to merely mean a sexual connection. But the connection isn't absolutely limited to physical. It is emotional as well. This is proven by infertile heterosexual couples still being capable of loving one another, even when the physical intamacy is not possible for a great many reasons. Individuals love one another with or without your, or even my, permission or condemnation. Even more, they do it without your, or my, knowledge. And has such changed or denied your beliefs? obviously not. Would the existance of a "club" (see the honkin' long most of mine above as well as the other comments on the site referred to) force you to change your belief? Would it affect your life in the least little bit? After all, if such a "club" existed, and you had a child, would your child be required to join? The fact is, if someone else is homosexual, it has squat to do with you or me. You are, in fact, not required to accept, like, or even associate with such individuals, just as they are not required to accept, like, or associate with you or me. And their existance does not alter you, deny you the Right to believe what you want to believe, or deny you the Right to teach your child your beliefs. But you, on the other hand, seem to feel it is YOUR Right to dictate who may or may not associate. Who may or may not love. What another individual may or may not believe. What another Parent may or may not expose their own child to. Again, the creation of such a club, no matter WHAT its content is, has absolutely no bearing on you at all whatsoever. It does not deny you the Right to your own beliefs. It does not require your child to attend. Nor does it even require you to tell the Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth regarding what will actually occur in such a "club". Andrew


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