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Again YOUR belief

Again, what YOU believe is your business. This "club" is more of a "support group" to aid students who are abuse victims by others, whether students, authority figures, or any other individual or group. The existance of this "club" does not prevent you from believing ANYTHING. The existance of this "club" would not require you or your child to be a member. The existance of this "club" doesn't even require you to accept, tolerate, like, associate, or even know any homosexual individual. You have argued what you believe regarding other individuals who are homosexual. That is irrelevant. It is irrelevant what your "God" believes. I'm sure there are plenty of individuals who wish homosexuals not only didn't have "support groups", but either took the abuse they receive or magically change (or at least pretend to change) to what the abuser demands they become like. That IS a violation of the Rights of those abuse victims. You can use whatever illogical argument you wish to justify your beliefs. You can even claim out one side of your mouth that you "love" your homosexual relatives while out the other side of your mouth verbally/mentally abusing them with your beliefs and condemnations, which really are directed to them since they DO fit the profile of those you are condeming. To me, that amounts to the abuser who claims "I do it because I love you". Even so, it is your Right to have your beliefs and express them. And if your relatives choose to accept your abuse, as many abuse victims, whether in school or home or elsewhere, tend to become life long abuse victims, that is their choice. One can no more force someone to shake off the lifelong abuse victim status than one should have the Right to force another to belief certain religions. Mr. Walker was entitled to his beliefs. BUT, once he stated them, he raised the question as to whether he could be trusted to fairly treat students who fell into the catagory (homosexual) that he condemned. At that very moment, he became a threat to various students. Moreover, one has to wonder, using that same argument, if other groups of students were put into harm because of other biased views that he may have held but not spoken. That is the moment when his capability as a principal in a public school diminished to nil. Andrew


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