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People will just complain......

Wind energy has gotten much more efficient over the past 20 years. The turbines are smaller, more efficient and more quiet than in the past. Wind cannot be relied upon as a constant energy resource, but is excellent as standby and as a supplemental resouce when the conditions are right. The wind tubines will stand at attention 24/7 which will incite complaints from people that "don't want to see or hear that machine(s) in their neighborhood!!!". We can't build rest homes for the elderly, housing for substance abuse recovery, adoption facilites for stray animals, new factories that supply jobs in the area or anything else that strays from a residential building and a privacy fence without major complaints. Any deviation from that and you will find residents whining, belly-aching and protesting about loss of quality of life and their real estate devaluation. Everybody wants the benefits, but nobody wants to see or hear the equipment it takes to supply them. Even though we have great conditions and potential for wind generated energy here, we won't see a wind-field built in this county in our lifetime!


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