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Wind Power

It would be a wonderful life if our country could truly become energy independent especially for our future generations but doubt very seriously it will happen with the politicians, present & immediate future, that are & will be in office. With the oil companies earning record profits they will fight with everything they can to stop future growth of alternatives. Also Cumberland County denied the biofuel plant to construct there because of its environmental pollutants to air & water so New Hanover approved for economic development & approved the convention center. Why would they deny the Titan Cement plant? It seems that NHC would rather have economic development over protecting our environment. Why can't NHC become the "Jewel of the Nile" by embracing "REAL GREEN TECHNOLOGY" instead of continuously approving destructive projects? I wish our officials would do what is right instead of doing what's most profitable. I understand wanting to earn a profit but not at the expense of destroying our precious waterways which are becoming more polluted everyday, e.i. NE Interceptor sewage spills.


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