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Ok...let me help all of you

Ok...let me help all of you out with the real story. I am from Mt.Olive, where Ballree was chief. He never stole gas, he used the town's gas card to put SOME gas in a personal vehicle that was used in an under cover investigation. His police vehicle was marked with the word "POLICE" on all sides of it. Because of past problems with some of his officers he was asked by a commissioner to make sure that the offices of night duty were in fact patroling as they sould. I know all of the facts because I am very close to board members and other officials in Mt. Olive. The paper printed news that sales. They left out some very important parts to that story. Maybe that's why they call them "news STORIES" and not "the truth". I think it's conceded to think you are so smart and know so much about everything that you could make such at harsh judgement against someone you don't know with half truths you read in a news paper or on these blogs. Ask yourself this, why would a man who came from nothing and who has worked so hard to make it to the top (including getting a double major, graduating with top honors in his 40s from Weslyan College) risk a 23 year career for gas?...not expensive trips, cars or a house but gas and not hundreds of gallons..I think the town manager said it was over something like 12 gallons (and not all at once)..yeah that makes sense. I happen to know that this wasn't this first time he had to deal with bs questioning...he had just arrested 3 muder suspects and yet he couldn't seem to do anything right...believe me when I say it was all politics but you won't read that in the paper. I would have quit too. No one should have to put up with that kind of constant harassment.


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