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Another WAVE boondoggle

Gee, when fuel prices rose, airlines....raised fares. When fuel prices rose, FedEx and UPS....raised rates. When fuel prices rose, WAVE....passed the bill on to the taxpayers. What part of "MAKE THE PEOPLE WHO USE THE SERVICE PAY FOR IT" confuses idiot politicians? No, far easier to reach for MY wallet, even though I've never been on a WAVE bus in my life! User fees are the fairest system of revenue generation in the world. Let the people who directly benefit from the service pay for the service. Note to Socialists/Enviroloons: Please don't come back with some nebulous argument about low income riders, or decreased traffic and pollution. I do not work fifty to sixty hours a week to subsidize poor people's bus fare, and looking at the number of riders and their average net worth, I'd rather face the additional twenty cars on the road and not have to support the bottonless money-pit known as WAVE. If WAVE can't become self-sufficient, WAVE needs to go the way of the dinosaur.


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