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Ron Hewett

I feel that to much focus on "making an example of him". He may have used employment resources for his own personal gain, but don't we all. I've taken home a pen or paper clip. I've made copies from work for my personal use. I probably owe my employer for a ream of paper and a quarter bottle of toner. DOES THAT MAKE ME A CRIMINAL. For God's sake people. He did not assault, batter, burglarize anyone. He did not put money in his own pocket. HE IS NOT A DIE HARD CRIMINAL with a 4 or 5 page "rap sheet". Can't we focus our taxpayers money and legal dept.'s attention on the REAL criminals out there. The people breaking in and burglarizing our parents, grandparents and friends homes causing undue financial hardships and stress to the real victims. How about drunk drivers killing innocent people. The Drug Dealers. Check out the court dockets in the Brunswick Beacon and see how many of these cases are dismissed and not even tried. We should focus on the current D.A. and the Judges that use "selective punishments" for those not part of the "Good OLE Boys" network. PLEASE PEOPLE GET A GRIP ON REALITY. Ron Hewett may have made some bad decisions, but he is far from being a criminal.


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