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Don't know the impacy ... My tail!

Hmm.. Lets see.. Mercury compounds being released by the beautiful Cape Fear.. Let us see.. Desrtroying wetlands, permanently harming the area ecosystem, loss of fishing and recreational habitat, polutants into the water from which you purchase fish that were caught from, endangered species without habitat, without food, the river changed negativly forever thus taking away natural resources for our children and grandchildren, and no positive economic impact except tax dollars that our schools and maintenance of the river for future generations to enjoy being stolen out of our pockets (Or to repay their tax screw-up without penalizing me and forcing citizens into a class action suit against the county for negligence......) Uhm.... No Spanky... It soes not sound like a good idea. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TITAN! THE CITIZENS DOO NOT WANT YOUR COST AND DESTRUCTION! WE NEED A NEW LOCAL GOVERNMENT NOW BEFORE THE CURRENT ONE DESTROYS US!!


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