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You people are so naive....

Folks, you can scream and rant all you like about voting them out but bottom line, your new round of candidates will also be selected by the Realtors and builders associations. It will be more of the same. Those groups want this thing to come because it equates to building contracts and more home buyers. Check out who the largest campaign contributors are. Your new mayor was put into office by the builders/Realtors and he's one of them. Jason Thompson talks all this smack about shacking up and straightening out the county government but he's one more person financed by the builders/Realtors. Pat Delair and Nancy Pritchett were the only two who didn't accept their money and you see what happened to them. Talk all you want, you'll only vote for more of the same and the new round of candidates will vote for Titan, things like Titan and every single rezoning that comes across their desk. Money controls this and every other county in the US and all you can do is accept it. Titan is coming and you need to accept that. The only thing you can do is watchdog them as best you can and report them to every state and federal agency you can think of if you see reason. If you really want to put up or shut up, get a job their and make sure that they're doing best practices in order to make their money but protect the environment. Short of that, quit wasting your energy and accept this because it's coming.


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