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So who sets the standards?

If you people dismiss the EPA, the various state environmental agencies, and the Armcy Corps of Engineers, then who sets the standards that a company must meet? You? How does ANY corporation know what standards it has to meet ANYWHERE in the nation to be allowed to build, if the standards are made up by whoever is the self-appointed expert this week? Four thousand different standards? Five? You people are advocating mob rule, plain and simple. Your little group of Chicken Littles doesn't like Titan, so you now want to conveniently ignore the government agencies that are tasked with deciding what poses a health risk and what doesn't. Good luck with your letter writing campaign - just remember that you're not the only ones who will be writing. Some of us won't tolerate a lynching, even if it's a multi-billion dollar corporation being lynched. You people won't even give them a chance to meet the legal requirements, because you reject the legal requirements. What a sad commentary on the future of this nation....


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