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50 flippin dollars?

Have you seen how small the theme park is? How few major rides and attractions it has? (By the way.. Aerosmith beat Zeppelin to a rock and roll roller coaster in Disney..) So how does that stack up? Busch Gardens 8xs more rides, 8 x's larger only $6 more. Carowinds, larger park, about same amount of rides except more major roller coasters and %5 less... How can a small theme park (and I am talking smallas in about six legion stadiums stacked 2 deep) charge $50 and expect people to come? Oh.,.. because the tourist in Myrtle Beach will already pay that amount to go see alligators and fish in a tank in one day... Wow. What a tourust rip-off trap! But if you must blow your money.. Its right there behind the old wacammaw pottery and in fromt of midieval times (Yep.... that small....) Don't believe the hype..


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