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Great spin!

There are many of us, however, who don't think that seizing nearly one-third of a person's profit is acceptable, even if they are one of those horrible rich people. Oddly enough, we have a government that is founded upon the premise that "all men are created equal," and promising equal protection under law. So your implication, that it's okay to steal from the rich, is ethically and morally bankrupt. Let's also not forget that when Obama was asked why he would raise capital gains, when raising them has ALWAYS reduced revenue for the government, he grew flustered and confused and muttered something about how he"...didn't care. I just want things to be fair." Fair? When have the wealthy EVER been treated fairly by the tax system? And, let's not forget about his vote for CR 90 in the Senate on 13 March. A 3% tax increase for anyone making over $31,840 AGI? So much for looking out for the middle class... yes, people really do need to check out the facts.


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