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Since Bush (a Republican)

Since Bush (a Republican) has taken office, my taxes have doubled, oil has done exactly what he has wanted it to do, states have no money for roads, schools, elderly health. The Patriot Act was signed by Bush and it is pretty much a Big Brother watching everyone law. The Republicans have absolutely failed their followers for the past 8 years. McCain is a pathetic candidate who stands no chance of changing anything. Everyone wants a massive shakeup in Washington, D.C. But half of the voters are too chicken to change things and throw someone in like Obama who will get at least some good things done for common Americans. I am a Republican and the American people have chosen a loser (McCan't) to run for President. Of all the choices, they chose poorly. I would rather have Obama than a whack job like McCain who is the same old same old in D.C. He has done squat as a Senator for the past 25 years. If we want a change, then let's try Obama. He can't do any worse than Bush for the next 4 years. A rock could not do any worse than Bush for the next 4 years.


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