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Please tell the truth

Your federal taxes have NOT increased under George Bush. They have been reduced, substantially. As far as states then having to increase their taxes, bull! States can cut free-lunch give-aways and non-essential expenditures, just like anyone can in a time of tightening belts. Why is it that only government can't do that? Grants for soccer fields? Grant's to the Children's Museum? Grants to any friggin' group with their hand out? Take a look at the give-aways and non-essential spending in both the state and local budgets, then tell me that George Bush is to blame. Regarding Obama, exactly how stupid do you have to be to vote for a guy who has promised you that he will raise your taxes? Do you think he's going to give that money to the states, to lower your state and local taxes? No - he's going to use that money to fuel his wealth redistribution schemes. Obama doesn't give a hoot about "common Americans." His only concern is buying votes from the collection of Socialists, saps, and lazy bums that comprise the base of the Democratic Party.


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