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Tax Cuts

You are sadly mistaken if you think Obama could not do any worse than Bush. What seems to get over looked is that since the Democratic party took over the majority in Congress, the economy has taken a turn for the worse. Bush gets blamed, but remember it is Congress that passes the bills. With a majority of Democrats in Congress, it would be sucide for this country if you also elect a Democratic President. There goes the check and balances. You are giving the Democratic Party an open account to spend, spend , spend, with no one to oppose them or veto them. Since Carter we have not had this happen and we all know how horrible the economy was during his administration. Listen to Obama's speeches, they are of no substance. He has already stated that he will increase taxes. A capital gains tax (abbreviated: CGT) is a tax charged on capital gains, the profit realized on the sale of a non-inventory asset that was purchased at a lower price. The most common capital gains are realized from the sale of stocks, bonds, precious metals and property. How many people belong to a 401k, or own a home. This will effect you. A capital gains tax is not a tax on wages. Which Obama has already stated he will increase that tax too by doing away with tax cuts. Can we really afford this with gas, food, etc. has high as they are??? Think about it. Obama also wants to impose a global tax on the American citizens. TAX, TAX, TAX is all he stands for. The programs he wants to implement will have to be funded some how. If the capital gains tax is increase, business will not be able to expand and people will not be hired. It is very basic. Business depend on profits to expand. It is not Bush that increased the gas prices. It goes to simple supply and demand. The environmentalist and the extreme left wing Democratic party has blocked the drilling of oil in our country, which would lower gas prices. So, don't blame Bush for that. There are things that I am not happy about with Bush, but please lay the blame for the economy where it belongs on Congress. Obama is the most left wing Democratic candidate that has ever run in the history of this country. Obama's change only means more government control over your lives. He already stated how you can not have your thermostats set to 72', keep driving your SUV's and eat what ever we want without the rest of the world not getting upset. Well since when am I working for the rest of the world? I should have the right to spend my money on what ever I choose, I mean this is America, we are suppose to have the freedom of choice. I am quite capable of making my own choices without having it dictated to me by the governement. That is Marxism. Look it up on the internet or encyclopedia, don't take my world for it. Do we want to end up like Europe, the very countries our ancestors left to come here for freedom? The citizens of this country need to think really hard about the consequences of this election. The President elected will pick Justices for the Supreme Court that interpret the Constitution and laws. So if you believe it is your right to own a gun, pray to God, raise your children how you see fit too, think long and hard about your choice for President. This country was not founded on left wing principles. There is nothing free in this world, you will pay for it some how or other. Freedoms once lost are hardly ever given back.


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