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I guess you would be one the citizens of this country that thinks the government has done such a great job with the IRS and Department of Education? I do not agree with everything Bush has done, but please give the President a break, he has enough that he can truly be responsible for, without placing the total blame on him for the economy. For another train of thought, give Senator McCain the respect he deserves. He is not Bush, and he does not follow in President Bush's footsteps. He has butted heads with his own party on several occasions. I have read his propasals for what he would like to do and he has some very sound ideas. As for Obama, he just promises Utopia and the cost for that is more higher taxes. Even John F. Kennedy was smart enough to realize that you keep the econmoy going when you reduce taxes. If Obama is suppose to be like Kennedy, why is he not following what Kennedy believed? For those too young to know what Utopia is here is the meaning from a dictionary: "The imaginary island of Sir Thomas More's Utopia (1516) with a perfect political and social system. (Utopia is the title of a book, that you read and use to have to read in school). Any visionary scheme for a perfect social order". Don't react emotionally to this election, research and compare the two candidates for the Presidency. This job has a lot of responsibilty and you need to have someone that is mature enough to handle all aspects of the job, not just be a good orator. Obama has only served a total of 143 days in the Senate since he was put into the senate by default. That does not give him the qualifications to deal with todays problems. He may be more seasoned in 2012.


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