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You are partially correct

The insane spending of the past eight years has been an outrage, and should make any true Conservative physically ill. That said, there's another reason why the Democrats haven't made any changes, and that's because they immediately stepped up to the plate with their typical loony-toon legislation that no intelligent person could get on board with. SCHIP expansion, paying healthcare for children in families making $80k a year? Simply seizing one-quarter of the profits from a small, specified list of companies in one specific industry? (Is this Russia?) Yes, the Republicans blew it over the past eight years, and have no one but themselves to blame. They deserved November of '06, and if they get their tails paddled this coming November, they have no one but themselves to blame. But the Democrats have the identical, insane spending habits. They simply spend your tax dollars on free-lunch give-aways for the bums from whom they are trying to buy votes, while trying to invent new ways to take money from the productive, working entities in our country. Both parties need to be thrown out of power... ...but if I have to accept irresponsible fiscal policy, I'll take the least they're not trying to create some Marxist Utopia, using my wallet.


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