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Thanks a LOT!

Thanks to all you tree huggers and environmentalists out there for driving our gas prices up so high because you have been preventing us from drilling for our own oil within our own country and off our own shores and for preventing us from mining our own oil shale from within our own country. I guess it is ok with you for China and Cuba drill 60 miles off our shores in the Gulf Coast, but we aren’t allowed to do so ourselves. I also guess it is ok with you for all of us to send our hard earned dollars to other countries, some of them being terrorist countries, so they can have way too much power over our economy, and have unending amounts of money to use against us and our troops. It will be a long, long time before we can replace all our vehicles with alternative fuel ones, and who knows how high gas and oil, and groceries, and etc., etc., etc. will be by then. Some of us have no choice but to use gasoline, I guess it’s a good thing all of you don’t have to depend on these products.


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